The Bellingham and Whatcom County real estate market has many options for those looking to make a real estate investments from large commercial sites to apartment buildings and small rentals homes, there is something to fit your every need

If you are in the process of completing a 1031 exchange, have real estate investment questions or are trying to find a property with a good CAP rate we would be happy to help!



From large condominiums complexes in Bellingham's historic Fairhaven District to modest townhouses and apartment click here to search for multi family real estate in Bellingham and around Whatcom County. Bellingham is home to Western Washington University, Whatcom Community College and Bellingham Technical College making rentals highly sought after in the city.



Bellingham Single Family Investment and Rental Real Estate

Bellingham and Whatcom County is home to many college students and business executives seeking rental housing. Take advantage

of a great real estate market and low interest rates and invest in a rental home. Search from our list to see what the Bellingham Real Estate market has to offer


City of Bellingham Rental Registration

Do you own a rental property in Bellingham? Bellingham is home to approximately 14,000 rental properties. A new ordinance was approved by Bellingham City Council that will now require all rental property owners to register their property with the city of Bellingham. Registration will include an annual fee as well as an inspection of the property. Inspections will be required every three years.

Beginning on July 1, 2015 rental property owners will be able to register with the City Permit a Center online or in person at the Bellingham City Hall.

The goal of the program is to alleviate potential strains between landlords and tenants brought forward by safety concerns at rental properties, as well as establish better housing standards. Inspections will begin in early 2016. Inspectors will provide recommended property improvements for the landlord. Failure to comply to the recommendations will result in penalties and fees.

If you have additional questions on the Bellingham Rental Registration visit: www.cob.org/rentals, call (360) 778-8361, or email rentals@cob.org