Ferndale is a thriving community surrounded by fertile farmland and is famous for its "Baker to Bay" views for the ridges west of town. It celebrates its history with Hovander Park (featuring a turn of the century Hovander Farm), the Scottish Highland Games and the Civil Way re-enactment. Ferndale's location on the river also provides it with unique ecological features which the Whatcom County Park Department has made available to the public in the Tennant Lake Interpretive Center, Fragrance Garden and Lake Terrel Wildlife Refuge

Ferndale is also the closest town to the Lummi Reservation, which includes Sandy Point, Gooseberry Point and the ferry terminal to Lummi Island. Sandy Point Heights are the housing areas within the Lummi Reservation, but the land is owned just as it is in any other part of the county. Many homes in these communities have spectacular views of the sound, Mt. Baker and the Canadian Costal Range. Amenities include a marina, golf course, swimming pool and tennis court. The Lummi Reservation is home to the Lummi Indian Nation, a coastal tribe with a rich heritage centering on the wildlife- salmon, shellfish, deer, eagle, and orcas on which it has always counted on for both physical and spiritual sustenance. The Stommish, an annual celebration of victory over the enemy features a canoe race, dancing and royalty.