The agent with whom you list cannot set the price of a home any more than a stockbroker can dictate the price of a stock. The selling price is a function of the real estate market. Never select an agent based on the price at which they are willing to list your home. If you have to lower the price to sell it, the basis on which you chose your agent is gone. The overwhelming number of homes expiring unsold today are a result of poor advice and over pricing. The problem with this often extends to the next agent listing the property, who must overcome the obvious shopworn result of the home being on the market for an extended period of time. Most often this could have been avoided by accurate pricing at the beginning.

The following factors have no impact on the current market value of a home:

1. The amount originally paid for the home.

2. The total amount put into the home.

3. The amount the owner needs out of the home.

4. The length of time the owner is willing to wait for a sale.

5. The value shown in a recent appraisal.

The Johnson Team does not “price your home”. With your participation we will review the comparable sold data in the area, just as an appraiser will. We will share market factors and help you make a specific comparison. We will design a pricing strategy that will obtain the highest price in the least amount of time.